24 Elf on the Shelf ideas

I have to admit I am one of those moms who will have every intention of hiding our elf and after a few days am either out of ideas or in a hurry to wake up before the kids to move  “Owen” before the kids are out of bed. For fellow parents who run out of elf ideas after a few days or just need some fresh inspiration, here is my list of 24 Elf on the shelf ideas


  1. Put some flour on the kitchen counter and have the elf make “snow” angels
  2.  Attach a piece of string from the wall to the tree and have the elf “zipline” using a candy cane
  3. Add a towel around the elf’s head and waist and hide him in the shower
  4.  Wrap the elf in a dishcloth like it is wearing a blanket and set it on a shelf in the refrigerator
  5. Put the elf in a toy car and leave it in the hallway. Bonus points if you can add a Barbie to the passenger seat
  6. Have the elf waiting with mini pancakes for the morning
  7. Unwrap a few candies and leave them around the elf like he ate them overnight
  8. Set the elf and a few small toys up in a circle with playing cards like they had a poker night
  9. Set the elf on the couch with the remote and a small bowl of popcorn, even elves need a movie night sometimes
  10. Pour a few goldfish in the bathroom sink and have the elf fish for them
  11. Have the elf arrive in a rocket ship
  12. The elf can leave notes for your kids written in mini marshmallows
  13. Let the elf ride on a toy horse or dinosaur
  14. Have the elf leave the kids a note on the bathroom mirror
  15.  Wrap school age kids lunches with wrapping paper and include a note from the elf in their lunchboxes
  16. If kids aren’t behaving have the lef go on strike until they listen to their parents
  17. Have the elf TP the tree
  18. Set the elf up with a bunch of cotton balls and a note inviting the kids to a snowball fight
  19. Let the elf get tangled in lights on the tree
  20. Make paper snowflakes and have the elf cutting out a new one
  21. Let the kids find the elf using a coloring book
  22. Set the elf up so he is building with Legos
  23. Elf outhouse 
  24. Time for the elf to go back to the North Pole until next year, have him leave streamers on the kids bedroom doors they can run through in the morning